Why a youth ministry?


A recent survey found that 59% percent of millennials raised in a church have dropped out.  Youth are more likely to have no interest in church more than ever.  Because relationships matter at Progression, we believe it is of vital importance that our youth are our top priority. 

We believe the culture and spirituality of church is still necessary to build a solid foundation for youth and adults alike. Our goal is to provide innovative, creative and exciting worship experiences that are relevant, spiritual and inspiring.  Our youth help to create our ministry to keep our ministry edge and stay relevant.


We make sure the youth curriculum is concurrent with the adult worship themes.  We combine arts and spirituality to share the good news of the Messiah


Our goal is that our young people will discover their own relationship with God.


Each young person is encouraged to build relationships with each other and they are taught life skills to help them cope with daily challenges.


Church should not be difficult or boring.  God is the essence of life and love and we want our kids to experience that through worship.

Pro Teens Service Structure:



10:30am: Participating in Chill and Chat
11:00am: Church Testimony/Song service
11:30am: ProTeens Service starts
11:35am: ProTeens Greeting and Weekly Update
11:45am: ProTeens Prayers request/Praying time
12:00noon: ProTeens Inspirational Word (subsequent with
Pastor Calvin’s message/theme)


Note: Our youth are encouraged to participate in the adult service for testimony and worship, after which, they move into their classroom with the youth pastor for their own service.                                     

Pro Teens 2018 Events

Click the image to see a list of all 2018 events that are planned for our Pro Teens. Our Youth Director worked in collaboration with our teens to develop a calendar of events where they can have fun, build relationships, and share the love of Jesus of Christ.