Meet our staff

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Calvin Roberson

Lead Pastor

Pastor Cal and his wife, Wendy, answered God’s call to start Progression Church in 2013. Led by an unwavering faith in God’s love for them and the message of sharing God’s uncommon love in uncommon ways. He and his wife founded Progression Church on the fundamental principle that relationships matter.

In all of their interactions, this belief shines through and their relationship with God has taken them on a journey of continued growth. He received his Masters of Divinity from Andrews University and has pursued doctoral studies at Ashland University. Pastor Calvin is the author of the critically acclaimed book, The Gospel of Non-Sense. He is also the relationship expert on the hit show Married at First Sight. 

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Wendy Roberson

First Lady

Wendy joined forces with Pastor Cal as his wife in 2009. Since then, they have been working together to help couples and families resolve conflict and improve relationships. Wendy was a practicing nurse for many years but left to following her passion in full-time leadership. She currently serves as the co-facilitator for Marriage Ain’t For Punks conferences and workshops (in the U.S. and abroad.) In addition, she serves as administrative pastor and is proud to be the biggest supporter of her husband. Wendy has done some television work on different networks, with Pastor Cal, to promote healthy relationships; but her most valued positions in life are: wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend. She truly believes that relationships matter, no man is an island, and it is impossible to have a relationship with God, whom we cannot see, if we cannot have great relationships with others around us.

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Julius Green 

Chief Financial Officer

Julius has been a member of Progression since it’s inception and believes that the more he grows in Christ, the better he’ll become at being his best as a loving father, devoted husband and committed leader. At Progression, Julius loves the relationships that he has developed as a member and is impressed by the number of families who worship together.  He truly believes that it’s a place where relationships matter and is proud that he and his family are members of Progression.

Julius has an extensive background in accounting and financial management and volunteers his services to help manage the finances of Progression.  He works diligently to ensure that all funds received are properly utilized to further enhance the ministry that God has entrusted to the Progression body.  His vision and attention to detail are attributes that are truly appreciated by the Progression family. 


Taryn Green

Worship Director

Taryn is an intelligent and beautiful person who has a genuine love for people.  She loves her family and treasures the relationships she has developed. Taryn has always had a special love for children and the life and joy they bring. That love led her to become a pediatric emergency medicine physician where she is able to give to those whom she adores so much. Taryn has touched and positively impacted the lives of many people young and old. 

At Progression, Taryn continues to impact the lives of members through the worship experience.  Taryn’s love for music is affectionately displayed each time she  sings. Her invaluable commitment, laser-like focus and admirable discipline have made it possible for Taryn to lead our worship ministry efficiently and effectively. 


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Dominique Oscar

Youth and Children Director

Dominique and his family visited Progression in 2012 and has made it their home ever since. He is the loving husband of Leiky Oscar and proud father of Gabryel and Zyah. Dominique’s life goal, "loving God by following Jesus Christ," combined with his professional experience and vision for our youth’s holistic development, has qualified him as our Youth Director. 

Dominique possesses exceptional leadership and awareness. His work ethic has proven to be a staunch support to the growth of our church. His character is respected by fellow Progression leaders and all he comes in contact with. Dominique believes in the relationships made at Progression and truly enjoys attending church because the Bible is articulated and presented without fear.

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Open Ministry

Community Liaison

This person will be a Community Liaison who builds relationships with organizations to facilitate making a difference in the community.


Donavan Genas

Prayer Line Leader

Donavan is fun loving, passionate and considers himself blessed to be a part of Progression Church. He believes that if it were not for Progression, he and his family would become a part of the 75 million unchurched people in the United States. He is tired of the mundane rituals of having church as usual, and was excited about the refreshingly simple but profound motto of "relationships matter."

He finds his inspiration from the love of his life, his beautiful and stunning wife, Kenesia Genas, and also from his two children; Nedu and Naji.  Donavan enjoys laughing and making others laugh, but is very serious about having a real and tangible relationship with the Lord. This is evident in the way he and his wife have taught their children to truly reflect the love of Jesus. As the prayer line leader, Donavan simply wants to encourage the participants to be real, to be intentional, and to believe.


Verdette Bagley


Verdette has been a member of Progression Church since its beginning in 2013. She graduated from Andrews University with a BS in Dietetics with the goal of going back into her community to teach healthy nutrition to underserved communities. While working for a federally funded program, a brain hemorrhage changed those plans forcing early retirement and turned her towards another path. She eventually became a licensed and ordained minister.

Her greatest gift is her ability to love and nurture others which she not only extends to her husband of 35+ years Donald, her three children and five grandchildren but to all those that she meets. That love that she has for others fits right in with Progression's motto, “Relationships Matter.”

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Kenesia Genas

Guest Services Director

Kenesia currently serves Progression Church as Guest Services Director.  She, along with the members of her team, are very passionate about ensuring that Progression's motto, Relationships Matter, is not only heard, but also experienced by both guests and members alike, the moment they walk through the door. Her attention to detail and eye for excellence are traits that foster the creation of an environment where visitors and members feel welcomed, loved, and accepted.  

She is married to the love of her life, Donavan Genas and together they have two amazing children (Nedu and Naji).  She, and the rest of the team, look forward to greeting you by name with a big smile and a warm hug.

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Leslee Christopher

Women's Ministry Leader

Leslee is a native of the beautiful island of Bermuda and moved the US to pursue her passion in music. She has lived in many places and attended different churches but finally found her home when she joined Progression at it’s inception. Leslee is a born leader and an amazing speaker. She uses all of her gifts and talents to spearhead the awesome Women’s Ministry at her church.


Jeshua Pringle

Lead Parking Coordinator

Jeshua serves as lead coordinator for the Parking Team at Progression Church. He has been a member at Progression since its beginning in 2013. Professionally, Jeshua works as a Transportation Analyst for the City of Atlanta Office of Transportation. He holds master’s degrees in City Planning and Civil Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

He and his lovely wife Rosie were married by Pastor Cal and both happily serve at Progression. They are adventurers and are always willing to share the latest info on great restaurants to visit or shows to watch.

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Leonard Norton

Lead Tech Coordinator

Leonard has been a member and leader at Progression Church since its inception. He is considered as a big brother to most of the members and loves to help others accomplish their goals. He has felt at home at Progression ever since he walked through the doors. Leonard loves the family environment that Progression offers to all who enter.

Leonard serves as the lead coordinator for the technical ministry and works with others in the audio video group. He is also a consummate gadget guy. He has over thirty years experience as an IT professional and has worked for companies like IBM, AT&T, EDS, Worldspan, SunTrust.

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Aba Balwigaire

Arts director

Aba Arthur Balwigaire is a native of Ghana, West Africa. She immigrated to the United States as a child and began a career in the Arts. Aba is a classically trained Actor, author of the book 'The 21 Day Ex-Boyfriend Cleanse'- a guide to healing from relationships, and founder of Burgeoning production company and The Ohemaa Project. Her professional experiences include writing and pitching original television projects, as well as casting for both film and television. She most recently made her directorial debut on her original screenplay ‘The Womb.’ New to the Atlanta area, Aba and her husband Daniel knew they had found their home at Progression after the first visit. Aba is committed to continuing to create entertainment of quality in order to allow us to empathize and learn from each other’s personal experiences. She is thrilled to be on the Progression team and is looking forward to working with fellow artists to collectively tithe in talent.