Progression's kids are the heartbeat of our church.  Jesus was sure to emphasize His care and protection over His "little ones."  Likewise, Progression values our children and we are determined to bring them the best in religious education, inspiration and spiritual development. 

Our children are taught that Relationships Matter and God values His relationship with us and our relationships with each other. So, just like our adults, they are encouraged to fellowship with their fellow class attendees after church and build friendships.


We have a planned curriculum with themes that coincide with our adult service.   We combine arts and spirituality to share the good news of the Messiah


Our goal is that our young people will discover their own relationship with God.


Each young person is encouraged to build relationships with each other and they are taught life skills to help them cope with daily challenges.


Church should not be difficult or boring.  God is the essence of life and love and we want our kids to experience that through worship.

Children's Service


Note: All parents are encouraged to check their children in themselves and to leave their cell numbers so they may be texted during service in case of any unforeseen situations. 

Contact: Dominique Oscar