This is a lunch group that started with a few people going out to eat after church. Our members truly live up the church’s motto, “Relationships Matter,” so every week members would stick around the church after service to talk, that is of course, until they realized they were all hungry and it was possible to talk while they dined. So began the lunch cell group. As the number of people increased, a suggestion was made to start a GroupMe page to keep everyone informed. This was great but then we realized that everyone coming to the church (including visitors) may not know about the dining plans; and since we are an inclusive body we need to make certain all our friends who are interested in dining with us, are aware of the lunch plans.

You say you are interested? Great!

Well! Come To Lunch!

It’s simple:

Step 1 - download GroupMe on your phone.

Step 2 - Talk to anyone of the greeters to let them know you would like to join the Progression-ites lunch group.

Step 3 - Come hang out with us!




People, who consider themselves foodies and people who just like food, going through the process of developing or moving gradually towards a more advanced state of relationship building and palate satiating.

"the normal progression from junior to senior status"

synonyms:progress, advancement, movement, passage, march. Note: Assistance for this definition was taken from

Group Contact:

Jeshua Pringle 404-606-3794