Our Mission

To bring people to a realization of their spiritual freedom, divine acceptance, and their potential to achieve God’s best in their lives.

Our Belief

It’s simple. We believe in the Word of God. God, YHWH, speaks to us individually through His written word and through His Spirit to our Hearts. We also confidently believe in Jesus Christ as the Messiah, the Son of the living God and that His life, death and resurrection have save us from our past, present and future sins.

We honor each person’s unique relationship with God. We honor God through our relationships with others. We teach faith as a lifestyle and grace as unending.

Our Purpose

Progression is defined as moving successfully from one unit in a sequence to the next. The idea is that Progression never stops re-inventing itself. As a ministry, we are designed to change the method without changing the message (1 Corinthians 9).

We are a body of believers that foster a vertical relationship for horizontal impacts.

Our Ministry

we began with people, not organizations in mind

We intentionally go outside of the boundaries of traditional church to be the kind of ministry that can relate to each of today’s generation. 

Progression is a testimony to the fact that the modern church does not have to be out of touch, out of date, or irrelevant. As part of our model, we set our focus on membership that fosters community and relationship building.

Our Motto

Relationships Matter!

Progression Church believes relationships are of utmost importance; hence every ministry focuses on vertical (God) and horizontal (human) interaction. Our attendees should feel welcomed and valued, so we never place programs before people. We strive to be the place where “everybody knows your name”. As such, it’s more important to us to create a mega ministry, not just a mega church.