What to expect

Dress Code

Is There a Dress Code? Yes, you must wear clothes!  Some like to dress up and that’s fine.  Others may wear jeans and a shirt.  We are more concerned about YOU than we are about what you wear.



Parking is available on the street and behind the building opposite to the worship facility.  Please look out for the parking attendant to direct you.  Feel free to arrive a few minutes early to get situated before worship begins. 


Pro Teens

We believe the culture and spirituality of church is still necessary to build a solid foundation for youth and adults alike. Our goal is to provide innovative, creative and exciting worship experiences that are relevant, spiritual and inspiring.  Our youth help to create our ministry to keep our ministry edge and stay relevant.



Our children are our most prized possession.  We provide our kids with a safe and fun environment. Please ask the friendly greeter at the door and they will direct you to the kids' worship area. 



Enjoy a worship service filled with praise, joy, and connection. At Progression we have a worship service that is without pretense. It’s a chance to truly connect with God and hear a message that is intended for you.


Meet our family


A great part of the Progression experience is our sense of genuine community and friendship.  After worship, please feel free to meet chat, exchange numbers and just experience the joy of community. If you have any questions about your visit please contact us at progressionchurchatl@gmail.com