What if...

I have always been called a dreamer. As a child I would create fantasies and sit for hours imagining. It was my escape from reality at the time. The funny thing about imagination is that if you live in that space long enough, you will either lose touch with what’s real, or you will strive to bring your imagination into reality. I’ve learned over the last five decades of life that there is a fine line between using imagination as a blueprint for success and dreaming just to escape reality.

“What if” is the starting point of every dream.  It is the suppositional question that asks you to go beyond your ordinary.  It is a powerful tool that prompts a person to look at their situation, no matter how dire, difficult or destitute and imagine an exciting and positive alternative.

Now anyone who has ever “what-iffed” understands that most of the time it’s met with opposition.  Those who are content with the status quo are seldom challenged to venture into the what if category. It scares them to their core.  That’s because it takes a certain amount of raw bravery to look at the way things have always been, and challenge yourself and others to consider a new way.

Some will question, who are you to have a better idea?  Who are you to challenge an age old formula? Ignore their taunts, because every successful innovation in this world has begun with the supposition what if.  And if you have been given the dream, you are the appointed agent of change.


…If your faith is the size of a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you. Matthew 19:26 GWT


Under normal circumstances mountains are not moved.  They exist for thousands of years undisturbed.  But Jesus, the Master of “what if” simply said, if you can imagine it and truly believe what you see in your dreams, it will move and nothing will be impossible.  Learn to live in the what if moment.  This is where possibilities become probabilities.  The what ifmoment is where the ordinary becomes extraordinary.  Never let anyone criticize or take away your what if.  It is your key to unlocking the impossible

What if you make this a week to believe the impossible?  God has given you the power to make it so.

Pastor Cal