Our Leadership Team


                     Youth & Community Pastor
Rashad Burden

Pastor Rashad Burden is an insightful, talented and sought after Generation Y speaker.  Although he was born a preacher’s kid, he has gone beyond the traditional view of preaching and ministry.  At his young age, he has already shown an impressive and creative way of connecting to people.

Pastor Rashad is the founder of Limitless Movement, an exciting young outreach ministry that has yielding incredible results in reaching un-churched and de-churched young adults.  He has an uncommon passion for Christ and endeavors to reveal Him by any means necessary.

He and his team are dedicated to staying on the cutting edge of youth ministry.  Their purpose is not to change the gospel, but to simply repackage it so that those who wouldn’t normally be into “church” can find a place of peace, acceptance and understand


Pastor of Hospitality
Verdette Bagley

In her early years of ministry, Verdette K. Bagley was known as a singer of the gospel. In the mid to late 80’s while attending Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan, Verdette, a wife and mother of three, first heard  the Spirit of God say “Preach”.  Initially she shook it off because she knew that there was no way an all-wise God would be calling her to preach, especially considering her past.  Months later, she heard the “voice” again saying, “preach”.  Again, this time she laughingly questioned God’s sanity similar to the laughter of Sarah when the angel pronounced that she would give birth to Isaac in her old age.  Again, she shook it off. She eventually graduated college and moved to Ohio where she continued ministering through song with the group Heavens Choice.

[accordion][accordion_label]Read More[/accordion_label][accordion_content]In 1993, she was stricken with an inter-cranial bleed that caused a stroke leaving partial paralysis on the left side. The harsh northern winters proved only to exacerbate her ongoing health challenges and as a result, she and her family moved to the warmer climes of Georgia. After settling into a new church home she started hearing the “voice” again relentlessly saying “Preach” and every time it spoke she suppressed it until eventually she stopped fighting “against the pricks”.  She finally told her husband Donald about the “voice” that kept nagging at her not quite sure what his response would be. He very quietly said, “Verdette you gotta do what God has told you to do. That’s between you and him.”  Afterward she consulted her pastor who encouraged and prayed for her. Not long after that with the help and mentorship of her pastor and the support of her husband she delivered her first sermon.  Between singing and preaching Verdette has been in the gospel ministry for close to 35 years. Despite her health challenges, Verdette continues to love on, sing and preach the Gospel to individuals all with the desire to help elevate them into a higher calling in God. Her motto in life is “If you change how you look at things, the things you look at change.” [/accordion_content] [/accordion]